Foods That Promote Hair Growth


Many people prefer to keep their hair strong and healthy.
Typically, your hair grows around 15 c.m-18 c.m per year.
Approx We can conclude that your hair grows to 1.2 cm-1.5 cm per month.
This is interesting, but it depends on your age, your nutrition and your genetic makeup.
There is one factor you can control these factors.
That’s your level of nutrition.
Your body’s nutrition level is determined by what you eat.
By eating a healthy diet with the right nutrition, you can achieve long, healthy, beautiful hair.
The following are the ten best foods to beautify your hair and make your hair longer.



Your body needs the Omega-3 Vitamins to get long and beautiful hair.
Your body cannot produce this on its own.
Avocados help your body to produce this.
It also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin B, which is a great way to get the nutrition your body needs.
Avocados also contain vitamin E, which is an essential vitamin for your hair.
Research has shown that Vitamin E is one of the essential vitamins for your hair. This Vitamin E stretches your hair.
Avocado is a good source of essential fatty acids for your body.


Beta-carotene boosts your body’s vitamin A composition.
Potatoes increase your body’s beta-carotene percentage.
Eating more potatoes increases your vitamin A composition.
Vitamin A protects your body’s hair and boosts overall health.

Little Fish

By eating small fish like herring and Salaya, your body gets the nutrients it needs to stretch your hair. Most of the omega-3 vitamins are incorporated into little fish.
They also provide you with healthy hair while preventing your hair from falling off of the fat that is present in these fish.


Spinach is a diet rich in vitamin B.
Vitamin B is a nutritional supplement that provides essential nutrients to your hair.
Spinach also contains magnesium and iron.
This will help your hair grow stronger.
Studies have shown that magnesium is an essential nutrient for maintaining the strength of your hair.
For this reason, it is a good idea to add spinach to your diet.


Surveys have shown that grapefruit can increase the strength of cells.
Also, The grapes also have antioxidant properties.
Eating 20 to 30 grams of grapes a day can increase your cellular strength.
Strengthening the cells of your body means that the cells in your hair are also stable.
This will make your hair stronger.


Protein is the main ingredient in our hair.
Therefore, Protein is the building block of our hair. To grow our hair durable, we must take a protein diet.
Eggs are a rich source of Protein.
Eggs also contain biotin nutrients.
This will minimize hair loss.
Biotin is an essential nutrient for your hair.


Vitamin C helps your body build and maintain collagen.
Collagen is one of the essential nutritional factors to keep your hair healthy.
Vitamin C in tomatoes is one of the most common nutritional supplements.
It also helps to nourish the protein in your hair.


Vitamin A is abundant in carrots.
Vitamin A forms beta-carotene.
Beta carotene is a nutrient that strengthens and strengthens hair.
Studies have shown that yellow and orange foods are high in vitamin A, B, and C.
Carrots are an orange dish.
Eating more carrots can help your hair gain the nourishment it needs.


Chickpeas are nutrients that your body needs for its successful blood flow.
Folate is essential to the red blood cell’s function.
Folate is abundant in carrots.
Eating folate-rich foods can help your hair get a good supply of blood.


Zinc is one of the leading nutritional factors that affect your hair growth and your hair’s health.
Eating oysters is the best way to give zinc to your hair.
This is one great solution to stop break your hair.
But overeating zinc can be dangerous, research shows.
Therefore, eating zinc with control can help you achieve long, healthy hair.Click here for more information


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