Brown Spots on Ankle Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for 2021!


We all willing to have beautiful skin. But, excessively increased skin tone and the abnormal discolouration can always harm our expectations. Often, the brown spots in ankles are a troublesome issue for women than men. It is due to possible cosmetic harms. So, the men used to neglect such changes.

But, now it is not the time to neglect those colour changes. It means it is not only a defect for your beauty. The recent research has revealed those skin tone changes can cause due to serious medical issues. Thus, we never recommend anyone to be normalized with those changes. So, the handsome guys, you also have to think of seeking medical help in this situation.

And, there is one thing to highlight for women too. It means the treatments for such discolourations may differ from cause to cause. Thus, it is not enough to have a pedicure and leg massage at a beauty salon. You also have the responsibility to check your internal body functions.

So, never misunderstand this as the sun burns until you get proper advice through the medical staff.

4 the known causes for brown spots on ankles!


Yes! If you expose to sunny areas frequently, the exposed areas can show the signs of tanned skin. Often, this is a common incidence among Americans as they have relatively white skin. So, the melanin concentration in their skin is less than Asian and Africans.

Yet, you should be able to notice the similar skin changes in other exposed areas such as face and arms. If not, it is not wise to neglect this issue.

Hemosiderin Staining

If you note the brown coloured skin changes only around the ankle areas, it may be due to this matter. Here, the colour change often caused by the collection of waste products after breaking down the haemoglobin. So, it is clear that it cannot be a simple issue at all.

Venous Dermatitis

This condition is seriously linked to many of the systemic matters. But, it may first appear as a general kind of skin darkness. Thus, it is common to misunderstand it as a kind of skin irritation. Yet, it can be due to issues with blood circulation through veins and arteries.

So, people who suffer from heart diseases and related issues are more prone to it. Thus, if you are also in this vulnerable group, it is better to aware of.

Chronic venous insufficiency!

As the similar lines, this is also a vein associated condition. The basic causes for the disease are blocked or weakened venous drainage of the legs.

The other possible defects due to brown spots on feet and ankles

James Heilman, MD / CC BY-SA (

Often, the serious effects of these brownish tans do not appear alone. So, you would be able to notice several other changes around the distal parts of the legs. Do you know those defects can vary from condition to condition? Thus, the medical experts used to use those differences to point out what is the exact cause behind the scene.

Varicose veins

The commonest complication of blocked veins is the varicose veins. Yet, you might experience the skin colour changes around ankles with or without it. Sometime, you may first note down varicose and then discolouration. In this case, it is easy to come up with an easy finding. But, if it appears in the opposite way, it may cause for delayed diagnosis.

Swelling and water accumulation

Do you suffer from serious medical issues in the heart? If so, you might note the enlarged ankles. The colour changes of the skin may also appear at this stage. So, do not be late to meet a doctor. You should follow up medications for another few weeks. And, you will have to increase the dose or add some new.

Itchy skin

Well, when the skin stretched with the enlargement of the swelled area, itching is a common defect. Yet, it can be a sign of a skin condition as well. More often, people experience itching with peeling of the skin. We know, it is a discomfort. And, it may give you an ugly look.

But, do not worry still, you may reverse this matter with a few treatment sessions. Nowadays, laser rays work better for this kind of issues.

What can be the causes for these brown freckle like spots on feet and ankles?

We know, there may have two kinds of risky agents for the disease. So, we would be able to change one group of risk agents while there are certain things we cannot change or modify. Thus, both of these risk agents may be behind the scene in colour changes around the ankles.

The recent research says age can be such difficult to modifiable cause for this condition. So, all the men and women over fifty years are in the risk group.

And next, obesity may play another important role. Yet, we know, it is really a matter depend upon personal factors. So, if you are motivated enough to be slim, you can prevent the defects under the seldom of overweight.

Then, the lack of physical activities or exercises may also have some bad effect on this matter.

The surgical histories of veins and arteries also can disturb people by giving birth to such brownish marks on and off.

The possible treatments for the condition

First of all, it is easy to modify all the preventable risk agents. So, if you could cope up with the issue through it, that is fine.

But, if not, you need to consult a medical specialist. They will direct you for the appropriate treatments after testing your circulation and the skin conditions.

So, you have more solutions to cope up with the issue in the medical setup. But, do not be late. We know the early consultation may minimize your worries. If it gets late, you will have to go through several procedures than the early stage.

The things to keep in mind

The brown spots on ankles are not as simple as you think. Sometimes, it may show you the signs of serious medical issue hidden in your body. So, we always suggest you have frequent checkups to prevent complications. Further, the sloppy treatments may harm your medical status too.


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