Is It Safe to Use Baking Soda on Your Hair?


Baking soda is a substitute for commercial shampoos, which famous as the “no-poo’’ method. Many people think when dissolving in water, it can reduce extra oil, make soft hair, and protect your shine. On the other hand, someone faces hair damages. Sometimes it may be softening your hair and increase hair shine, but many observations show, baking soda gives a damaged nose and irritated skin. And also, we must consider the following pH levels.

Scalp-5.5 Hair shaft-3.6

According to Research Trusted Source, high pH level products can develop.

Cuticle damage

Hair breakage



Not only that, your skin has a 5.5pH level. However, one study identifies alkaline soap reduce the skin’s fat content and irritate the skin’s safety layer. Baking soda gives us many advantages, like drying the scalp, rejecting the growth of higher pH ingredients. And also, there are some disadvantages like in the long term, removing natural oils from hair and irritate the scalp.

Further move, ‘’no-poo’’ method suggests baking soda scrub and a diluted apple cider vinegar to keep the equilibrium of your scalp’s pH level, but it can’t balance your scalp’s pH level. You must make safe when using the no-poo method, and also you can do a patch test to identify any reaction or any harmful effects in your skin. When using this ‘’no-poo’’ method, you must avoid these things.

  • If you have dry or brittle hair
  • If you chemically treat or color your hair
  • If you use heat to style your hair
  • If you have sensitive skin

Usually, baking soda is abrasive, and it supports to dry your hair and scalp. People with excess oily hair can use powder instead of shampoo. That is more effective for them.

What other people say

Move over, after recognizing the ‘’no-poo’’ method. A woman found she had severe breakage in her long hair. Other women identify her hair had become brittle, and the week after three years of using baking soda instead of shampoo. Then she found reasons for that. Reasons are high alkalinity of baking soda, unbalance pH, and mixing with the acidity of the apple cider vinegar. When generating the method, a different no-poo convert distributed the same experience. According to some users, baking soda which consists of an apple cider vinegar act, a factor for stripped hair. Nevertheless, the no-poo method helps to develop your hair and skin. It would be best if you considered the determinants of choosing hair care products from shampoos to sprays. Under that,

  • Hair damage (chemical treatment, blow dryers, grooming habits, and environmental exposure)
  • Hair strength (resistance to breakages)
  • Hair type, such as thin, thick, durable, curly, or straight
  • Scalp type

Use a clarifying shampoo

This is a beneficial shampoo because it helps to decrease oil. That includes sodium Laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate as surfactants. Even so, this shampoo behaves as a reason for damaging hair. Therefore this isn’t suitable in the long term.
Use coconut oil
Coconut oil is a conventional treatment, and it helps to penetrate the hair shaft and prevent hair damages. Primarily, it acts as a pre and post conditioner.

Invest in a good conditioner

The most important this is you should invest in a good conditioner. If you invest in a good conditioner, you can get a lot of benefits. Few are, get sleek, frizz-free look hair, create soft hair. Conditioners with silicones, keratin, or oils like argan or jojoba are very interested in this case.

In conclusion, baking soda has more risks as a shampoo. Some people like that very much, but some people don’t like it because baking soda creates damaged hair. In addition to that, you can use many other products to protect your hair. You can strive to use vitamins for stronger hair growth.


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