Essential oil for lymphedema disease

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The lymphatic system in or body is made of organs, vessels, and lymph nodes. What are the lymph nodes? Have you heard about it before? If not, you are in the right place. Lymph nodes are the fighters in our bodies that act against infections. Lymphedema occurs when too much lymph fluid is collected. Areas in our body like armpits, groin, neck, arms, and legs are swollen as a result of this. Conditions like cancer, viruses like HIV, and inflammation too can lead to lymphedema. Even though there are many treatments for this condition, today we will go through ten essential oils that we can use to treat lymphedema. So try it by yourself and feel the difference. Now we will see essential oil for lymphedema one by one.

01. Grapefruit essential oil for lymphedema

How is grapefruit oil prepared? Here is the answer. This is made from the peel of the fruit. Grapefruit essential oil can fight against viruses. This too can act as the protector of your immune system too. This also produces a natural chemical that can compete with bacteria. This is rich in chemical compounds like linalool, myrcene, pinene, and many others. The individual compounds here like myrcene, pinene, and vitamin C fight against cancer cells that cause lymphedema. Above all, grapefruit essential oil can activate your lymphatic system by removing waste of our body through the liver. So try it and see.

02. Peppermint essential oil

for lymphedema

Peppermint oil is there to treat many types of conditions like stomachaches and respiratory issues. This is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, folate, and many other essential nutrients. You can apply this to the affected lymph nodes. This will remove the bacteria viruses in those areas and will eliminate the pain too. So try it and see.

03. Ginger essential oil

for lymphedema

The latest researches show us that ginger contains hundreds of chemicals that we can use for our healthy well being. Some of them are camphene, nerol, pinene, and cineole. The unique chemical compounds here help to reduce lymph node inflammation. Further, this is more popular as a pain killer, too, as this oil eliminates the pain in lymph nodes. According to experts in health, here gingerols in the ginger act with vanilloid receptors. So this makes a perfect combination to reduce the pain. Above all, ginger essential oil acts as a fighter against bacteria, viruses, and even cancer which can cause lymphedema.

04. Mandarin essential oil

for lymphedema

Mandarin is full of tonic and antiseptic qualities. Further, this is rich in camphene, limonene, alpha-pinene, and many other chemical compounds too. These compounds included in mandarin essential oil helps to eliminate lymphedema, cancer cells, and inflammation in our body. On the other hand, this also helps to reduce lymph node inflammation and fight against bacteria and other viruses too. So try it and feel the difference.

05. Orange essential oil

for lymphedema

Orange essential oil is made from peels of orange fruit. This is also rich in limonene, pinene, myrcene, and many other vital compounds. Limonene is a powerful protector that protects you from cancers and tumors. You can apply this on swollen lymph nodes and feel the difference. So try it and see.

06. Lemon essential oil

for lymphedema

Lemon essential oil helps you to remove the waste of our body through the liver. This also helps to reduce the inflammation due to lymphatic system blockage. Nerol, camphene, neral, and myrcene are some of the valuable chemical compounds in this. On the other hand, a lemon essential oil also protects your immune system from bacteria and viruses. 

07. Carrot seed essential oil

for lymphedema

Carrot seed essential oil is a valuable one due to its calcium, magnesium, carotol, and many other useful compounds. So, this helps your immune system to act against viruses that cause cancer cells and tumors too. Above all, this serves as a disinfectant and an antiseptic also.

08. Wintergreen essential oil

for lymphedema

What is there in Wintergreen oil? This is made from the Gaultheria procumbens plant. We used this in ancient times to treat fatigue, sinus, lung, and respiratory infections. Wintergreen essential oil supports the blood circulation to swollen lymph areas. This further reduces the pain around them. So try it by yourself and see.

09. Frankincense essential oil

for lymphedema

We use Frankincense essential oil to treat a condition like digestion issues, wound recovery, and many others. This is rich in limonene, linalool, myrcene, and camphene. This will help you to reduce the swelling around lymph nodes and eliminate the pain. Above all, this will fight against inflammation too.

10. Geranium essential oil

for lymphedema

Geranium essential oil is made from the stem and leaves of the geranium plant. This is also rich in limonene, myrcene, and pinene which fight against lymphedema. These chemical compounds help you to fight against bacteria and viruses. This also protects the lymphatic system of our body too. This also eliminates the pain around swollen areas too.

So hope that all you have gained some vital and sufficient information on essential oils for lymphedema. There are many painkillers and treatments for this condition. But above all, we should consider naturally prepared oils as an option too. This will also eliminate the side effects of other medicines too. So be generous to share this among others to spread these natural oils to save a life. 

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