How to pop a pimple safety and side effects

Without a doubt, the pimple is always an uncomfortable thing for us;, especially for girls. Usually, it gets some days to heal it, but can we wait so far? What we want is to get recover from the pimple as soon as possible. Furthermore, it will be better to avoid trying to pop the pimple as you are interfering with the natural healing procedure. Also, it causes to arise a risk regarding infections, and it is more painful than a temporary pimple on the skin, isn’t it? However, popping that pimple is the last resort that you can take. So here, we have mentioned some useful tips to pop a pimple and the side effects. We hope the article will be important for our site visitors!

How to pop safely

As we mentioned earlier, popping the pimple that you are suffering from is not the first or the main solution here. The best remedy is, waiting for it to recover itself. Why do we say so? Because there are bacteria in the layers of the skin which is surrounded by the pimple, when you pop it, the pimple releases those bacteria on to the face. That’s why you must wait according to the natural procedure. If you are still waiting to pop it, follow these guidelines.

The steps to extract a whitehead

You must follow these steps if you are suffering from a whitehead pimple. That means visible white pus inside of the trapped pore. In addition to that, it will be better to use over-the-counter medication which includes benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. You should try it before popping the whitehead. As a result of that, those ingredients cause to reduce the inflammation and make the procedure easier.


First, wash your hands. So, the bacteria on your hands won’t infect your pimple now. Second, you must sterilize a needle with rubbing alcohol. Then, insert the pin at an angle into the biggest side of the pimple. You should not feel pain while you are doing it. Third, drain the pimple using a cotton ball unless using a gauze strip. Do not try to push the bacteria of it. Just hold the skin taut. As a result of that, other layers of the skin will drain that pimple for you. In the end, take an antimicrobial drying agent and sterilize that area of the pimple.

The steps to extract a blackhead

Sometimes, the bacteria and pus inside the pimple expose to the air. Then, they turn in to a black, and they are called blackheads. Blackheads are easier to extract than whiteheads because they are already open.


First, choose a product that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide and apply it on the blackhead. Second, wash your hands with soap and warm water. Third, take a cotton swab and apply pressure on the sides of the blackheads. Do not press down on your blackhead itself. Now, the clog in the pore must pop out easily unless they do not continue to apply the pressure. Finally, take an astringent and sterilize the area covered by the blackhead and prevent it from developing it.

Final thought

With our article, we mentioned the safe way to pop your pimple. On the other hand, it will be better to avoid popping it. If you have no choice, pop it as the final remedy. Moreover, there are some kinds of blemishes that are risky to pop. So, be aware of the condition that you have at that moment. However, the above-mentioned steps are the best practices regarding popping pimples. Follow them carefully.


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